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Back to Work.... September 2020

I've been self-employed for just over a year now, and 2020 has certainly been an interesting year! There were times when I wondered if I'd made the right decision, launching a new business venture in the midst of a global pandemic didn't always feel sensible. On the other hand, with no school or childcare, being employed would have been just as tricky.

So after six months of family time (with the odd bit of client work, training and networking fitted in around it), it's time for me to get back to my desk. As much as I love being with my children, I also enjoy working and using my brain in a different way to creative crafts and phonics.

Although work has been on the slow side this year, I've invested in training and career development. I became a founding member of Digital Women and have really enjoyed getting to know the other members, taking part in online networking and most recently attending the (virtual) Social Day conference.

I'm also working with Louise Webster, as a founding member of Beyond The School Run. Louise and I have a shared background in the licensing industry, and so it made perfect sense for me to join her community.

I'm building my own community, with a new newsletter which I plan to send monthly, and I'll be using this blog to share news and updates on social media as well as guest blog posts.

It's hard to believe that we're in the final months of 2020, when in some ways we're only just getting going, but I'm remaining optimistic.

Nicola x


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